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The Quality of a sight (gauge) glass depends mainly on the chemical composition and mechanical strength of the glass material. Analyses and acid/alkali tests constantly ensure a high glass-quality. The mechanical strength is reached by thermal prestressing. KLINGER gauge glasses are suitable for installation in liquid level gauges of almost any type.

We differentiate

  • Transparent gauge glass
  • Reflex gauge glass
  • Round gauge glass


KLINGER transparent gauge glasses

KLINGER transparent glasses are manufactured from “extra-hard” borosilicate glass. The surfaces on both sides are finely polished to ensure optimal transparency.

Product advantages

  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Maximum smoothness and hardness
  • Extremely resistant to boiler water
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Certified according to most international standards



Up to 35 bar saturated steam, reflex glasses provide the optimum solution: they are corrosion resistant and provide a perfectly clear indication. Transparent glasses are preferably used with heavily polluted, viscous or acidic media at service conditions up to 340° bar or temperature up to 400 °C.

KLINGER transparent glasses are available in three different Types: A, B, H and TA-28. For the specific overall dimensions and the application range please refer to the product catalogue.

Download Brochures

Please find attached the KLINGER Fluid Control image brochure and the product brochure.

Product Brochure Borosilicate gauge glasses Image Brochure KLINGER Fluid Control