KLINGER® Rubber Metal Gaskets

Gaskets for flanges ANSI B16.5

Rubber-metal-gaskets are used where safe sealing of conventional up to special industrial media such as gases and liquids are required under usual installation conditions like temperatures, pressures and forces. KLINGER® KGS gaskets are suitable for all flange materials.

Safe sealing of water, gas, air, acids, alkalis and hydrocarbons with low sealing forces at temperatures up to 200°C, depending on the elastomer type. 


  • Suitable for temperatures up to 200 ° C (applies to FKM)
  • Excellent for applications with flanges that have low surface pressures, poor and non-parallel flange surfaces.
  • Suitable for water, gases, wastewater, chemicals, etc.
  • Common application areas are e.g. in treatment plants, waterworks, biogas plants and the chemical industry.
  • Stable gasket facilitates installation in vertical flanges or in systems with negative pressure.
  • Very suitable for flanges of plastic and fiberglass.
  • Available with gas approval (DIN-DVGW) and drinking water approval (KTW).


  • Elastomer with steel core. Available elastomers: NR, NBR, EPDM, CSM, FKM


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