KLINGER Precision Engineering

KLINGER Precision Engineering

KLINGER CNC Milling and Turning, Surface and Cylindrical Grinding

KLINGER UK’s precision production facility specialises in highly complex machined parts. Housing a range of specialised machinery, including CNC Milling and Turning, Surface and Cylindrical Grinding, as well as the latest WEDM equipment.

KLINGER Precision is supporting KLINGER UK’s pre-existing and ever-increasing demand for exotic alloy RTJ’s for the offshore Oil and Gas Industries.


  • BOP wellhead rings
  • Machined components from one-off bespoke products to multi-batch work
  • Tubesheets
  • Press tool design & manufacture
  • Baffle plates


  • Wire erosion
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Turning
  • High precision measurement using latest CMM equipment