Insulation Sets

Insulation Sets

Insulation Sets are specified in order to offer galvanic protection where two dissimilar flange materials are mated together. Preventing corrosion by removing the possibility of the systems acting as a galvanic cell.

The sets also offer cathodic protection by isolating protected piping systems and preventing the flow of electro-static charges.

Both our C4430 and Shield insulation sets offer safe, high integrity sealing solutions and in the Shield offer API 6FB Fire Safe certification. All KLINGER insulation sets are supplied with insulating sleeves and washers.

Download Specification (C-4430)

Download Specification (Shield)

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KLINGER are the authorised distributor for Pikotek products in the UK and are able to supply the full range of Pikotek Insulation sets, including the PGE, VCS, VCFS, VCS-ID and Evolution. For further information on these products complete the contact form below.