Quality, safety and sustainability

KLINGER UK  is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of quality sealing products for the oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace and defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.  It is our commitment to provide our customers with goods and services that meet and surpass requirements for product quality, reliability and service, whilst ensuring a safe place to work for all employees, contractors and visitors.

Quality Policy

At KLINGER UK, we seek to achieve mutually profitable relationships with our customers and are dedicated to:

  • providing quality products and services
  • improving process and system capabilities
  • measuring our performance through set goals and objectives
  • utilizing high-performance teams to drive improvement
  • delivering value to our customers and stakeholders

Quality Goals

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at KLINGER UK. In addition to providing high-quality products to our customers, our aim is to always deliver:

  • the expected product
  • in the quantity ordered by the customer
  • at the place agreed by the customer
  • at the time expected by the customer


Our entrepreneurial activities firmly take environmental protection into account. This is also proven by our quality and environmental standards, which we maintain in order to also offer future generations a world worth living in.

Our quality certification includes :