Gasket Insertion Tool

Gasket Insertion Tool

The new Klinger Gasket Insertion Tool (KGIT) allows safe and precise insertion of a RTJ (Ring Type Joint) between two flanges, allowing a safer, easier and faster fitting process with minimal need for re-visiting.

The KGIT decreases the risk of injury to divers’ hands and fingers as the engineered profile is designed to locate accurately within the lower bolts of the flange, ensuring the gasket sits correctly in the groove.

With well positioned holes designed to accommodate standard subsea tooling, the KGIT aids transportation and fitting. Flange alignment tools can be left in the flange as the gasket is fitted minimising movement of the flanges ensuring there is no ‘bruising’ or ‘pinching’ to the gasket. 

The KGIT offers improved flange make up times and increased safety. The shape of the tool also prevents the handle from rotating in front of the studbolt holes, ensuring the gasket doesn’t need to be repositioned to add the remaining bolts.

Once installation is complete, the handle of the KGIT can be easily broken off and retained for records. After a period of time, the KGIT corrodes away due to a cathodic reaction, as a result of immersion in salt water.

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