Gasket Selection

Gasket selection is critical to the effective operation of a reliable joint. KLINGER offers a material selection and application appraisal service to ensure the correct gasket is used first time, to avoid unscheduled shutdowns and refits.


KLINGER Technical Services Department can offer the most suitable gasket type for your applications. Our gasket selection service ensures effciency first time round, please direct your queries to KLINGER Technical Department.



KLINGERexpert is a software package that contains data on many KLINGER materials and carries out sealing calculations for new plants, new equipment and maintenance work; it is an excellent problem solver. The user-friendly screen management is supplemented by an easy to understand online manual allowing you to access the most up to date information immediately.


The programme covers:

  • Automatic selection of gasket material based on media and conditions
  • Automatic calculations for ANSI, DIN & JIS flanges
  • Calculations for custom flanges if not covered by the above
  • Automatic calculation of maximum and minimum sealing stress
  • Automatic calculation of bolt torque requirements
  • Safety by Design
  • Gasket design calculations
  • Integrity of assembly

Download KLINGER Expert