The UK has the largest aerospace and defence industry outside of the US, and is the market leader in Europe with an annual turnover of nearly £20 billion. With the sector reliant on cutting edge technology, Klinger employs the most advanced materials and manufacturing equipment to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Klinger is a long standing manufacturer and approved supplier of sealing products to the civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine and energy sectors. In order to successfully service these sectors, Klinger operates an Aerospace Series Quality Management System that is assessed by BSI to meet the requirements of BS EN 9100;2003.


We have invested heavily in the skills, technology and research needed to make us a world leader in the field. Using the latest technology we are able to supply our clients with products designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our facilities include the following technologies:

  • Austrian Engineer Richard Klinger pioneered the way forward for gasket technology with the development of the compressed fibre gasket in 1899.
  • A high precision Waterjet Profile Cutting Facility which produces both metallic and non-metallic components and benefits from software controlled Waterjet tilting jet technology which enables the production of taper-free components.
  • A Knife Cutting Facility featuring a robust CNC machine and flexible vacuum control which is utilised for the high accuracy conversion of gaskets from sheet material.
  • An Optical Measuring Microscope which allows for non-contact inspection of components to the highest accuracy and for First Article reports to be generated automatically from the collated data.
  • Ground breaking material technologies arising from Research and Development from within the Klinger Group.

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