Technical Services

Kem Control

KLINGER UK is committed to providing the highest level of technical support to our client base. Our UK technical team has over 90 years experience in design and development of sealing solutions for our global client base

The services and support we offer include:

  • Conceptual design
  • R & D
  • CAD and FEA
  • Stress and Torque calculations
  • Bespoke sealing solutions
  • Turnaround / Shutdown services
  • E-Catalogue
  • On Site support
  • Inventory Rationalisation
  • Training – KLINGER has a wealth of engineering knowledge based on sound engineering practises, industry knowledge and client confidence.

Our expertise in materials, products and applications has led to the creation of our Technical Training Centre in Bradford where we share our knowledge with clients and the wider KLINGER team.

Working with the latest testing and training equipment KLINGER can offer many options from bespoke sessions through to fully accredited competency certified training.


Klinger UK Training Centre in Bradford

Gasket Training

An incorrect gasket or incorrect installation can become a costly situation resulting in downtime, productivity loss and potential HSE issues. KLINGER Training offers the following: 

  • Purpose built training facilities 
  • Portable training units to deliver training on-site 
  • Unique FADU training Unit 
  • Training on Gasket Selection, Identification and Installation 
  • Bespoke installation training 

No matter how good the selection of components is, the correct assembly of flanged joints is essential in ensuring a safe and leak tight joint.

FADU Training

KLINGER Training incorporating our FADU unit aims to: 

  • Increase best practise techniques and competency 
  • Offer interactive, practical and tailored learning  
  • Show real time information on gasket compression, bolt stress and torque–preload information

Contact us today for further information on how KLINGER Training can support you.