Technical Services



Klinger is committed to providing the highest levels of technical support to all our customers. We offer practical advice and if necessary on site assistance to help the selection and fitting of our products.


As further support, the company offers training seminars either at our company headquarters, on-site or a location of your preference. These sessions provide an ideal opportunity for face to face, practical presentations on product selection and installation and allow site specific issues to be raised.


Finite Element Analysis

Development of the Technical Services offered by Klinger now extends from basic gasket design and selection to more complex design and problem solving techniques, such as Finite Element Analysis. The creation of a mathematically accurate model of a flange assembly allows more detailed variables and factors to be included in the design of the gasket. Finite Element Analysis also takes into consideration fluctuations in temperature and pressure and the effect they have on a joint with a gasket. The ability to create an accurate model and subsequently apply loads in the form of pressure, bolts, thermal expansion and bending allows many solutions to be trialled over a number of cycles, without the need for extensive, long-term testing programmes.


Product Testing Service

Our purpose built testing facilities at Bradford allows the assessment of gasket performance under a wide range of conditions likely to be encountered in industry. This is especially valuable in selecting gaskets for new applications, giving complete safety and reliability. Our testing capabilities range from 1” to 24” flanges in variety of pressure classes, also we are able to carry out specific customer design tests, providing the most comprehensive testing services in the world.


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