Klinger & VSP at Transport Logistic, Munich 2019

Klinger UK in partnership with VSP Technologies recently took part in the Transport and Logistics Exhibition in Munich. Joined by Klinger colleagues from across the globe, Klinger and VSP showcased the RideTight® programme along with the Pita® gasket technology. The KLINGER FADU rig was utilised to demonstrate Pita’s excellent compression values resulting in a tight seal at low stress.  A very positive week for all involved with visits from existing customers and some exciting new prospects. 


The RideTight® program is a comprehensive fluid-sealing management program for all modes of bulk transportation: tank cars, tank containers, and tank trucks. This program was developed to tackle the unique challenges associated with this industry and provide lasting solutions that reduce costs through optimised performance.


The Pita® gasket’s Patented construction transforms conventional ePTFE into a "spring-energised" PTFE gasket that maintains high tightness through thermal cycling in all chemical services. 

Klinger UK are VSP’s sole partner in the UK holding local stocks and providing technical and application assistance. For more information please contact:


John Brackstone, UK Sales Manager, 07831643186, brackstone.j@klingeruk.co.uk